• WWD Magic Show, Las Vegas 2013

    by  • February 25, 2013 • Fashion, Press, Shopping, Styling

    I know that I’ve been hinting at it, but now I am ready to tell you all about the WWD Magic Trade show and let you know that we had a truly amazing time. It’s such a great place to meet and bond with lots of people who love fashion as much as we do. We had 4 days filled with both new and familiar faces, moments of unabashed laughter, and not enough hours of sleep! All sorely missed Richie, but we certainly understood about his inability to take a break from the Bon JoviBecause We Can” world tour that needs his talent right now.


    Although he was not physically there, Richie and I really want to make sure we take this opportunity to thank all of the incredibly talented people who kept our machine moving, including Mandy Manocchio from WWD for making us feel, as always, right at home. No easy feat in the chaos that can be Las Vegas. We need to thank our sales team for the great job they did while we were there, and we would have been at a stand still without James Campbell of James Campbell Productions for producing the WWD fashion shows, Kim Borio for her mad make-up skills, and Jenni Karl for creating chic and stylish hair styles for the beautiful models we were blessed to work with from BEST Agency.


    They obviously did an incredible job because in addition to fulfilling orders from the boutiques and buyers who been supporting us from the start, you will be able to find the Nikki Rich Fall 2013 Collection in the following NEW locations: Three French Hens Boutique in Ohio, Viola Boutique in Michigan, Elements Boutique in Berkeley, Virtu Boutique in Alberta, Canada (We are thrilled to be in Canada!), Denise Barrow in San Diego, Threads in Nevada, and Passion Boutique in Modesto.


    As always, we feel so blessed for all of the wonderful things that are happening for Nikki Rich and we will continue to share our blessings with you.




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