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    Designing Dresses for Nikki Rich (there is no substitute!)

    by  • December 4, 2012 • Celeb, Editorial, Fashion, Press, Styling

    Nothing…and I mean nothing…makes me more excited then designing a beautiful gown. In between the “this” and “that” of my life I have been working tirelessly in the design studio crafting what I truly believe will be the most beautiful piece ever created for Nikki Rich. I hope that doesn’t sound too over the top…but it is simply how excited I am about this. Using the most amazing black satin and delicate silk appliqué, this gown is literally being sewn together piece by piece. Often secured onto fabric, our goal is to take these appliqué designs, piece them together to reveal a little skin instead, and send it down the red carpet. Sneak peek? You bet!



    Charlotte Ross in Nikki Rich at the US Weekly Music Party

    by  • November 20, 2012 • Celeb, Fashion, Press, Styling

    Talented actress Charlotte Ross looked gorgeous at the US Weekly’s Music Party at the AV nightclub in Hollywood last night. Dressed in a custom Nikki Rich design, Charlotte, who we are proud to say has been to our fashion shows and is a loyal fan of the brand, chose this dress personally for the occasion. It’s a sleeveless leather charcoal dress that was crafted from eyelet leather and stretch silk. The entire dress is lined with silk, and the unique cut out angled neckline allows you to show off your décolletage with serious style. While the cut makes the dress look like it might reveal too much at the wrong angle, it is actually completely functional and designed to keep every asset firmly in place. Fashion…function…fabulous!