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    Nikki Rich…Shipping Spring 2013!

    by  • March 14, 2013 • blogging, Fashion, Shopping, Styling


    As you know, it has been non-stop excitement around here. We are still riding a wave of adrenalin from the fashion show last Saturday, and Richie is moving from city to city with Bon Jovi, leaving it all on the stage while promoting their new album “What About Now.”  And while we were showing Fall 2013 on Saturday, we haven’t lost sight of the fact that so many of our friends and fans from around the world are still longing for Spring. Well, we are totally thrilled to tell you that the Spring 2013 Collection is shipping…as we speak. The Nikki Rich line will be in stores near you soon. And if none of the stores on the stockist list from our website are near you, you might want to get over to your favorite boutique and ask them to start carrying our line! Also, for those of you who prefer to shop at home, we will have select styles available in our online  store before the end of this month.


    I’ve attached a few pictures from the warehouse for you. Who doesn’t like to know what’s happening behind the scenes?


    As always, thank you for supporting Nikki Rich!



    Nikki Rich Fall 2013 Collection: Hollywood Monthly! The Los Angeles Fashion! The Persuitist!

    by  • March 13, 2013 • blogging, Celeb, concert, Editorial, Fashion, music, Press, Styling, Uncategorized


    I woke up today and felt instantly overwhelmed (in an amazing way!) by all of the wonderful things that are happening for Nikki Rich. I have told you before that designing clothing is a painless labor of love for us and the recognition we have been receiving since our show at Siren Studios last Saturday night has shown us that every last minute has been worth it! I can’t describe to you how big our smiles are and how excited we were to learn today that besides the amazing accolades we received from WWD and The Sun, Nikki Rich is also currently being featured in the pages of Hollywood Monthly (check out the sneak peek of our Summer Capsule), The Los Angeles Fashion (they posted razor sharp images), and The Persuitist (more great images, but I especially love the one of me posing with the models who rocked the catwalk!)


    Although Richie is on the road, travelling the world with Bon Jovi, he wanted me to make sure he also sent along a special “thank you” to all of you. The new Bon Jovi album “What About Now” was released yesterday…in retail stores, on Amazon, and on iTunes, and you just know he’s really feeling all the love!






    WWD Magic Show, Las Vegas 2013

    by  • February 25, 2013 • Fashion, Press, Shopping, Styling

    I know that I’ve been hinting at it, but now I am ready to tell you all about the WWD Magic Trade show and let you know that we had a truly amazing time. It’s such a great place to meet and bond with lots of people who love fashion as much as we do. We had 4 days filled with both new and familiar faces, moments of unabashed laughter, and not enough hours of sleep! All sorely missed Richie, but we certainly understood about his inability to take a break from the Bon JoviBecause We Can” world tour that needs his talent right now.


    Although he was not physically there, Richie and I really want to make sure we take this opportunity to thank all of the incredibly talented people who kept our machine moving, including Mandy Manocchio from WWD for making us feel, as always, right at home. No easy feat in the chaos that can be Las Vegas. We need to thank our sales team for the great job they did while we were there, and we would have been at a stand still without James Campbell of James Campbell Productions for producing the WWD fashion shows, Kim Borio for her mad make-up skills, and Jenni Karl for creating chic and stylish hair styles for the beautiful models we were blessed to work with from BEST Agency.


    They obviously did an incredible job because in addition to fulfilling orders from the boutiques and buyers who been supporting us from the start, you will be able to find the Nikki Rich Fall 2013 Collection in the following NEW locations: Three French Hens Boutique in Ohio, Viola Boutique in Michigan, Elements Boutique in Berkeley, Virtu Boutique in Alberta, Canada (We are thrilled to be in Canada!), Denise Barrow in San Diego, Threads in Nevada, and Passion Boutique in Modesto.


    As always, we feel so blessed for all of the wonderful things that are happening for Nikki Rich and we will continue to share our blessings with you.



    Collections, Capsules, Concerts and CONTESTS!

    by  • February 2, 2013 • blogging, Contest, Fashion, Styling, Uncategorized

    My-oh-my has it been a busy few days. We are putting the finishing touches on all of the images from our Spring Collection so we can share them with you here. We have been trying to keep everyone focused on Spring after we let some people (including you!) have a sneak peek at our Summer Capsule. The excitement has been so refreshing and rejuvenating after this blah winter, but like I said, after Winter must come SPRING! Richie is gearing up for the Bon Jovi world tour so that excitement is palpable! He asked me to let you know how much he loves and appreciates all of your support. As if things could not get better, we do plan to open our shop site really, really soon. It seems like we’ve been talking about it for a while now, but it is truly on the tip of our tongues! …and for FUN? Today we are launching our second Fashion Bloggers contest with our amazing friends at Social Wardrobe. They have helped us put together a super creative contest with an amazing prize package (see details below). Who knows…maybe you will win! If you have a fashion blog or know someone who does, please make sure they know about this. You can find all of the rules and details here, and of course on our Facebook page and Twitter.

    We hope you have a bright, shiny day!


    A Little Praise…Aftermath of the Lowdown

    by  • January 21, 2013 • Celeb, concert, music, Press, Uncategorized

    Some people just deserve a little praise. Well, maybe a lot of praise. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beautiful moments of Nikki Rich…and Richie and I are so devoted to this company, but that man deserves so much more than just our appreciation. While we are having the time of our lives watching the Nikki Rich brand grow (our e-commerce store and “The Cools” is on its way!) and plotting what is going to be an amazing course for Crome (our menswear line), I don’t ever want to overlook the fact that while I am in Los Angeles making the day-to-day operation of our dreams come true, Richie is wearing so many hats and touching so many lives around the globe. The last year has been so full for him, and he gives each and every endeavor his all. From Hurricane Sandy and helping people hit by that devastating tragedy, to gearing up for a World Tour with Bon Jovi, we can’t loose sight of the fact that Richie has passion that is unparalleled. He stays so true to who he is and that fact is overtly evident with every note of his latest solo effort Aftermath of the Lowdown. Please join us as we take a little time to give back to the man who gives so much. Won’t you please let us know, on our official Nikki Rich facebook page, what your favorite track on his album is and why? And if you haven’t already, please “like” our page as well. As a warm thank you will we randomly select an entry to win a signed (by him, not me silly) Aftermath of the Lowdown CD. How can it get any better than that?


    Summer Capsule, Bon Jovi Tour, RAW Magazine!!!

    by  • January 15, 2013 • Celeb, concert, Editorial, Fashion, music, Styling, Uncategorized

    So sorry for not posting for a few days, but we have been incredibly busy (and grateful) at Nikki Rich, preparing for our show for fashion buyers that kicked off last night at Circle 5 in Los Angeles. Showcasing our Summer Capsule has been a labor of MAJOR love, as it has taken months to prepare every last piece…and the last few days to add the finishing touches to perfection. Pictures to follow, I promise. Equally as exciting is the fact the Bon Jovi world tour begins next month at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT and Richie and I have been designing all of his clothing for it. He always has the most amazing ideas and you are going to love what we are doing! As a matter of fact, the Crome line will be featured at Film Fashion, our PR showroom, for the first time this week. Like I said…busy and grateful! If all that were not enough, we would love to share a little bit of eye candy from RAW Magazine with you. Take a look at this ravishing redhead wearing the Paradise jacket from our Fall Collection. We love that it was shot outdoors. The natural light really highlights every special thing about this exciting print. We love how feminine the cut is with a flat collar and belted silhouette, and how it’s naturally offset by the strong geometric shapes found in the pattern. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that our Fashion Blogging contest has come to an end and we will be posting highlights and a winner soon! So happy to reconnect…gotta get back to work!

    *Please note that the first two photos are the property of RAW Fashion Magazine, LLC and Kelly N. Saunders and protected under the copyright laws of the United States and Australia*


    “Because We Can” Bon Jovi. iTunes. Today!

    by  • January 7, 2013 • music

    We just feel blessed and blessed at Nikki Rich. In addition to me AND Richie being nominated for Shorty Awards, getting ready to reveal our Summer Capsule, and reading and reading and reading some amazing entries from the fashion blogging contest we’ve got running (Free Nikki Rich clothing, don’t you know!), TODAY is the day that the new Bon Jovi single “Because We Can,” from the soon-to-be-released “What About Now” is available on iTunes! Yes, right now! Because we know the single will leave us all salivating for more, you should know that “What About Now” will be released in March on Island Records. If you are lucky enough to be a fan AND live in New Jersey, you will be tickled PINK that Richie and the boys will be at the Metlife Stadium, as part of a much bigger tour, on July 24 and 25. We love that Richie and Jon wrote “Because We Can” with Billy Falcon who has written or helped write over at least a dozen songs on six Bon Jovi records. When something works, it works! Now stop reading and get yourself over to iTunes!


    Richie Sambora in Crome at the Premier of the new Bon Jovi Documentary Inside Out

    by  • November 28, 2012 • Celeb, concert, Fashion, music, Music Video, Press, Styling, Uncategorized

    My phone has been off the hook today with people calling in their kindest compliments about the Crome jacket Richie wore last night to the premier of Inside Out. A documentary about Bon Jovi, Inside Out was recorded during a handful of sold out shows at amazing venues like Madison Square Garden, London’s O2 Arena and of course, the Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey. While the entire band looked amazing, the jacket Richie wore was really something special. Crafted from sumptuously soft and handsomely distressed leather this updated motor jacket silhouette fit him beautifully. We were in the design studio the other day talking about what men want when they are shopping and I just loved the way he explained that when men shop, they shop for clothes to attract the ladies…motor jackets, dark jeans, dark tone shirts…apparently it’s working! We are putting the finishing touches on the Crome line and can’t wait to share it with you.



    I’m a Little Bit Country…

    by  • November 26, 2012 • Celeb, Fashion, music, Music Video, Press, Styling

    This might surprise you…and as you get to know me you’ll find that I am a woman of many surprises…but I just can’t get enough of Country music these days. While my heart beats loud for rock and roll (and so does Richie’s) we both have an overwhelming appreciation for all things Country! When Richie is on stage playing a double neck guitar wearing a black hat with silver conchos on it singing “I’m a Cowboy…” the influence is evident. As a part of the new men’s Crome line we are designing for Fall 2013 there are a noticeable amount of cowboy influenced shirts, denim and tees.

    The thing that I love most about Country music is that when you really listen closely you can easily identify with it on so many levels. The lyrics really resonate as they are so often filled with tales we can all relate to…stories of every day life, loss, pain, failure and love.

    While we feel so honored when we see people like Kate Beckensale, Nicole Scherzinger or Alanis Morissette wearing our designs, our hearts also run heavy for Country stars like Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisely and Kelli Pickler, who also know how to infuse their Country sensibility and ROCK Nikki Rich!





    Ladies and Gentlemen…Richie Sambora

    by  • October 19, 2012 • Celeb, Fashion, Styling

    It’s well known that Richie Sambora effortlessly commands the attention of his audience. I have been to so many of his amazing shows and have seen first hand how the crowds fall deeper and deeper under his spell with every sweet note. How can they not when it is so obvious that he is putting his heart and soul and passion into every single performance. Here are some of my favorite images, including one Richie sent to me himself, from a gig he played at Shepherd’s Bush in London earlier this week. Head to toe in our men’s line Crome…always leaving it all on the stage.