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    Nikki Lund & Richie Sambora Present the Nikki Rich Fall 2013 Collection (The Runway Show)

    by  • March 11, 2013 • blogging, Celeb, Editorial, Fashion, music, Press, Styling, Uncategorized


    Amazing! The fashion show last night so was amazing that I really need to find a new word for amazing!. We had over 260 people RSVP for the event and the guest list was filled with friends, family and industry giants whom we all have enormous respect for. The red carpet was mobbed and exciting and backstage was total, controlled mayhem.


    Let me back up a bit and say a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who was involved in the production of this show. It was the epitome of a team effort on every level, and Richie and I just have to say thank you to so many wonderful, supportive people. We would like to thank everyone on our Nikki Rich team for making it all come together, and we need thank every last person at Michele Marie PR and our dear friends at Film Fashion for their never ending faith and magic. We have so much love for Aubrey Loots and his team, and Melanie Mills and her team, who rocked hair and make up concepts and made our girls from LA Models look smashing in Nikki Rich. While we wanted everyone to be distracted by the clothes we hope you had mad love for our DJ Whitney Fierce who put together every note playing. She quite simply rocked the house by playing tracks from Richie’s solo album “Aftermath Of The Lowdown” while guests were being seated and when the models were strutting down the runway. Also behind the scenes, we need to thank Mike Vensel and his team at Concept Shows and Siren Studios and the people at Step and Repeat Backdrops LA for making everything outside look so damn good!


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


    We also have to thank all of the industry people who came out to support us. We love to create fashion and understand that all of you help us bring our message to the world. You write beautiful things about us, publish amazing images of our clothes, and for that (and more) we are grateful. From the LA Times to Flaunt Magazine to Apparel News, WWD and beyond, we thank you.


    For those of you who were unable to join us, we look forward to seeing you at the next show. In the meantime, I’m attaching some spectacular images from the night. We hope you love them as much as we love you!


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    Custom Nikki Rich on the pages of Runway Magazine

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    What is black and white, but really red all over? Well, if you were able to get your hands on a coveted issue of the most recent Runway magazine with Paula Abdul on the cover,  you would know! We were thrilled to see one of our pieces hand picked for an editorial spread in the pages of their 2013 Winter Issue. While the images were developed in black and white we assure you that this jumpsuit is actually a perfect crimson red. While hard to discern from the angle of the image, the piece was beautifully crafted in silk , but the sleeves you see popping out of the cropped jacket the stylist paired with it, are faux crocodile made from pleather. Our team worked diligently to make this a stunner and we are always thrilled when others agree.


    In other Nikki Rich news, the contest we ran with Social Wardrobe and Fashion Bloggers came to a close last Friday. We look forward to reading every single entry to find a winner. Some lucky blogger is going to win a $300. shopping spree from our Spring 13 Collection AND a Richie Sambora signed Aftermath of the Lowdown CD. Please check back for more exciting contests. We love fashion and the people who love to write about it!


    Last but not least (for today anyway), I want to make sure you saw the Instagram picture I posted on Twitter and Facebook on Friday of me and the amazing ladies from Style Club TV. We had an incredible day immersed in fashion and we can’t wait to share the end results with you…


    Until then, thank you for always supporting us. We love you all!


    p.s. Don’t you just love the photo bomb below?



    More…Spring Fashion 2013

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    Please don’t get me wrong, because I am in love with every single dress we design and I own, but sometimes I just want to pull on a pair of flattering pants and a top that will turn heads and feel confident as I go about my day (or night!). Richie and I are so pleased with these particular pieces from our spring 2013 collection and we are excited to share them with you tonight. The top is a fabulous, on trend, color blocked silk/poly panel blouse. Crafted with soothing colors that please the eye we created this top in two different palettes to fit your mood. The classic short-sleeve cut and traditional collar are completely turned upside down with the addition of a sheer back and lower front, back zipper and bias cut. The top has a flattering drape, feels whisper weight on your skin, and is easy to grab and throw on. Please take me at my word when I say that it also looks adorable with a skirt, or over a simple tank dress. We’ve shown it here with an super comfortable, breathable, stretch ponte pant. The color, a perfect blue/gray combination, looks great with seriously anything you choose to top them with.


    So many people have been writing to ask when the Spring Collection will be available in our online store, and I am excited to tell you that it…is…coming!


    In other news, the contest we have been running with Social Wardrobe and Fashion Bloggers is running for one more week. If you blog, or know someone who does (about fashion) please check out our website for contest details. You could win $300. worth of clothing from our Spring 2013 Collection and a Richie Sambora signed Aftermath of the Lowdown CD!




    Fashion, Blogging, Shopping…FUN!

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    It’s working! Richie and I are so excited to be getting orders, both domestic and international, from our newly launched online store. We are so glad to finally be able to bring the Fall 2012 Collection directly to you. We have been asked, and wanted to let the rest of you know that only the styles you see on the site will be available for the rest of the season. Thankfully the rest of our inventory has been SOLD OUT! We think there are so many lovely pieces still there and hope you find something that suits you. Don’t forget, the Spring 2013 Collection will be included soon, so please keep checking back in with us. As if all of this is not enough, the Fashion Blogger contest we have been running with our amazing friends at Social Wardrobe is well underway and the entries have been rushing in. It’s been so fun to learn about these writers and see them in their elements. The contest will run for at least another two weeks, so if you are a fashion blogger, please check out the official rules and enter. You could win a $300. shopping spree from our Spring 2013 Collection AND a signed Aftermath of the Lowdown CD from Richie. What on earth are you waiting for? Start writing or spread the word!


    Love, Thanks and a Fashionable First Lady!

    by  • January 22, 2013 • Celeb, Fashion, Styling

    Such a wonderful day! First, Happy MLK Day! Second, thank you all for showing such immediate support and gratitude for Richie and the post we put up last night. Reading about how much you all love Aftermath of the Lowdown and hearing your personal stories about the songs that touch you and why has made us all, especially Richie, feel touched and grateful. Lastly, how can we post and not mention how beauty and style went hand in hand today (Inauguration Day) for the beautiful Michelle Obama and her girls Sasha and Malia. Dressed in an elegant tailored coat by Thom Browne, earrings by Cathy Waterman and shoes by J. Crew, she just looked as amazing as we all knew she would. It’s easy to appreciate her simple sense of style, and admire how she always knows exactly what works best for her. With daughters Malia in a purplish coat by J. Crew and Sasha in Violet Kate Spade by her side, we thought they looked picture perfect for such a special occasion. By the way…we LOVE the bangs!


    A Little Praise…Aftermath of the Lowdown

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    Some people just deserve a little praise. Well, maybe a lot of praise. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beautiful moments of Nikki Rich…and Richie and I are so devoted to this company, but that man deserves so much more than just our appreciation. While we are having the time of our lives watching the Nikki Rich brand grow (our e-commerce store and “The Cools” is on its way!) and plotting what is going to be an amazing course for Crome (our menswear line), I don’t ever want to overlook the fact that while I am in Los Angeles making the day-to-day operation of our dreams come true, Richie is wearing so many hats and touching so many lives around the globe. The last year has been so full for him, and he gives each and every endeavor his all. From Hurricane Sandy and helping people hit by that devastating tragedy, to gearing up for a World Tour with Bon Jovi, we can’t loose sight of the fact that Richie has passion that is unparalleled. He stays so true to who he is and that fact is overtly evident with every note of his latest solo effort Aftermath of the Lowdown. Please join us as we take a little time to give back to the man who gives so much. Won’t you please let us know, on our official Nikki Rich facebook page, what your favorite track on his album is and why? And if you haven’t already, please “like” our page as well. As a warm thank you will we randomly select an entry to win a signed (by him, not me silly) Aftermath of the Lowdown CD. How can it get any better than that?


    Ladies and Gentlemen, Richie Sambora on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

    by  • December 5, 2012 • Celeb, Fashion, music, Press, Styling, Uncategorized

    It has been fantastic to watch Richie performing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week. From what I understand, for Craig, it was a case of “you get what you wish for.” Craig casually mentioned one night that he wished Richie and his band would be his house band, and when Richie heard about it he couldn’t refuse…for a week anyway. Clad in Crome, Richie and his band have been performing twice each evening, the theme song and another performance at the end of every show. Watching him perform songs from Aftermath of the Lowdown is always a treat! Also, Craig has been featuring him in so much more throughout the evening. He has been a prominent fixture every night. I’ve attached a picture from Monday of Richie in our velvet, snake print blazer with leather sleeves worn beautifully over a turquoise distressed t-shirt. Last night he looked just as amazing in our gold velveteen blazer. Make sure to tune in for the rest of the week so you watch him rock the house…and of course, see what he’s wearing!


    Creating Crome for Fall 13

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    Richie and I are so excited about the upcoming, official launch of our men’s line, Crome, and we have been working hard (if you can even call it working) to create samples for the Fall 13 collection. Designing with Richie is amazing. Not only does he have a great eye, but he makes it all so fun as he really enjoys conceptualizing ideas and the process it takes to make them come alive. Fashion is such an important part of who I am, and I truly feel in my element when I am sketching designs, picking out perfect fabrics and creating what I consider to be beautiful pieces of art. Richie completely inspired every piece in this collection, including the beautiful snakeskin print leather jacket you see here, and he can’t wait to wear them. You can get a sneak peek of the entire Crome line when you get out to see Richie on tour to support his powerful new record Aftermath Of The Lowdown.


    A search for meaning…

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    For me, one of the most fulfilling things about styling can be the meaning behind the look…and when you want true meaning you sometimes have to search for it. When Richie started planning for his current tour, “Aftermath of the Lowdown” our conversations drifted in and out of business, and life, and back again. One topic led to another but I felt that his overarching vision was rooted in and kept returning to his spirituality. Richie is such a spiritual person and we really wanted to find just the right pieces so this would translate on tour. Of all of the options we talked about, Richie found himself gravitating toward rosary beads and his desire to find an appropriate way to incorporate them. It quickly became apparent to me that the only option would be to find him some vintage pieces with true soul. As I started my search at one of the Annex Antique Markets near 25th Street in New York City the pieces truly started to find me. I took a few pictures and hope that you can see how truly special they are. Just knowing that they had a previous owner and were kept, cared for and cherished by them moved me. The search was over, we both found meaning in each rosary, and it was beautiful to see them around Richie’s neck.

    Sterling silver rosary from the antique market in New York City

    Sterling silver rosary, detail

    Mother of Pearl rosary circa 1920, found at an antique market in New York City

    Mother of Pearl rosary, detail

    28th Street Antique Market in New York City

    antique market / NYC