• Nikki Rich…We’re Full of Surprises!

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    If you read our blog last night you would already know that we are working super hard to redesign our current Nikki Rich Clothing website. We do love what we have up now, but we also realize that it’s time to grow and change. You’ve got to have growth, personally and professionally, to keep learning and making your way through life I think. All of us at Nikki Rich are really excited about all that lies ahead of us.


    The new site is going to be so great, with so many more things going on than we currently have. Images, Videos, Music! And while I don’t want to give away all of our surprises, there is one thing I can share with you today. Well, two things.


    A few weeks ago, just about the time we co-hosted the Genlux Summer Issue party, Richie and I had the honor of working with world-renowned photographer and 838 Media Group founder, Ash Gupta. Ash has worked with just about everyone who is anyone, and his fashion and editorial work always leaves me breathless. One of the perks of my job I guess…meeting and working with some amazingly talented people!


    I’ve been thinking about it all day, and while I know I probably should wait and save the images for the new site or as an exclusive for ShopChannel Japan or Von Maur or something, I JUST CAN’T! I’ve attached two new pictures of Richie, and me, and you can only see them here!


    Please check back for more surprises! We definitely have more in store!




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