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    Love & Ace & our Society Maxi Skirt #NikkiRich

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    There is nothing like waking up in Vegas! We wrapped up a full day of Magic yesterday, meeting new people, seeing old friends, and marveling over the extraordinary designing talent out there. Row after row, and booth after booth…it was all so uplifting and inspiring.


    In other news, I saw that Kat, the lovely lady who created Love & Ace, featured our Society skirt in her blog today. I love seeing fashion bloggers wearing Nikki Rich, and think Kat looked really wonderful in the skirt. It was totally flattering on her and I thought it was great how she made it feel summery and fresh with a white woven top, white leather tote and bright red sunglasses. It turns out the blog was picked up by PopSugar Fashion too…so that made a great day even better!


    By the way, we are still featuring the Society skirt in our online shop. It’s been marked down to $49.60 so don’t wait! Get one while they last!



    Shoes, bags, bracelets…I’m obsessed with accessories!

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    Gems! I hope you’re all having an amazing week. We’ve been busy here in Los Angeles; packing for Tokyo, getting excited for the new website launch, designing for spring, talking to buyers about our Resort and Holiday collections…


    It’s exhausting, but in a super amazing way!


    On another note, while you know I am normally hyper-focused on fashion, some other things have been really catching my eye lately. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of the pictures I posted today…the shoes…the gloves…the bracelets…


    I’ve become a little obsessed with the shoes and accessories that we all know can really pull a look together, or change its direction altogether. If you read this blog regularly you know I’m always commenting on the shoes that celebrities and stylists pair with our custom designs, and you also know that I just love most of their choices.


    Just this afternoon I was combing through the New York Times Style section when I came across a really fun “Street Style” slideshow featuring bracelets. So many funky styles…so many beautiful and creative bracelets.


    …and speaking of creative bracelets, check out the beautiful ankle bracelets below.


    Have a happy Wednesday Gems!





    Friday, I Love You (and TokyoFashion.com)!

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    Gems! Are you ready for the weekend? While it was a great, great week full of music, fashion and fun, I have to admit I was keeping my eye on Friday and I’m glad to say it’s finally here! I’m ready to see some great friends and have some fun! In thinking about the days and weeks ahead, it’s really all about getting things ready for our trip to Japan. Richie and I have been working with ShopChannel Japan to make sure every detail is taken care of so our debut in the market will be the very best it can be. I just can’t explain how excited I am!


    In order to keep my feet on the ground I spend any spare time I have (which, trust me, isn’t much) continuing to prepare to embrace the culture of Tokyo. The more I search for information, the better it gets.


    Today I visited what has become one of my favorite sites, TokyoFashion.com, and found an article, published today, highlighting “Japanese Street Fashion Trends – Summer 2013.” It is fabulous and I just had to share it. I won’t give away too much, but between the cropped tops, sheer tops, high waist pants/shorts/skirts, and the girls who wear them…I’m in love! Some of the other trends will quite simply blow your mind, so sit back, relax and get ready to embrace Tokyo fashion!


    Here’s to a great weekend! Enjoy!




    Forgive My Minor Obsession With All Things Japanese!

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    I think I’m turning Japanese! The countdown is ON and we are leaving in a little over three weeks for Japan! We have ShopChannel Japan fever these days as we are getting every last detail in order. It’s been amazing working with the people who are putting this all together and I can even begin to describe their enthusiasm for me and Richie and the brand. I just can’t wait to get there so we can see the sights, eat the food, and drink in the energy of Tokyo. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.


    As I am constantly searching for inspiration, I have been going crazy on the internet lately, looking for every bit of information I can find about the culture and style of Japan. One site I came across is jmagazinescans, which literally shows the current covers of all of the top magazines, including Brand Joy, Biteki, Cool Trans (mens), Maquia, Tomotomo and Domani. While a lot is written in Japanese, which I don’t know how to read (yet!), it’s incredible to see how color plays such an important roll in everything. The covers are filled with handsome boys and beautiful girls with lots of copy and color, color, color!


    In addition to our collections, you know we also love to design custom creations for the red carpet. If you’ve been reading our blog, and following our facebook page at all (which I hope you have!) you would know that we’ve been very fortunate to dress so many amazing celebrities from Carrie Underwood to Brooke Burke and beyond. Well, now I have my eye on the red carpets of Japan and have my wish list of celebrities I would LOVE to dress. Ladies, I hope you’re listening! We just LOVE Rinko Kikuchi! She has starred in so many movies including Pacific Rim and Babel with Brad Pitt! Her look is so incredibly unique and we think she would look out of this world in some Nikki Rich! The exact same goes for Koyuki, the Japanese actress who played opposite Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai. Such exotic beauty.


    If you can’t figure it out already, I can’t wait to get to Japan! But I know that for now I’m looking at the Los Angeles skyline from my window and it’s time for me to stop searching and get back to work! The Spring 2014 Collection needs me!




    The Quest for Inspiration Continues…Meet our “Beach Girl” for Spring 2014

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      The search for inspiration continues. As you know from my last few blog entries I’ve been on a bit of journey lately, looking at everything, searching for something. We are so excited to further explore our ideas as we plan for our Spring 2014 collection and it’s been great to share with you...

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    Nikki Rich Inspiration for Spring 2014, Meet the “Valley Doll”

    by  • July 13, 2013 • 2013 fashion trends for women, Fashion, Latest fashion trends 2013, Shopping, Street Style, Styling


    If you’re anything like me, you’re just about to take a deep breath, shake off the workweek, and head out into the weekend. And although the weekend has been on my mind it’s hard to pull myself away from what I love to do so much, and I actually spent most of the day creating an inspiration board for another idea we have for our Spring 2014 collection. I’ve been thinking and thinking about the best way to describe it, and being from the Valley, I keep gravitating toward “Valley Doll.” I keep visualizing a complete feminine charm, ever so slightly laced with the sweetest hint of retro-grunge.


    Of all of my thoughts for Spring, “Valley Doll” is decidedly the most girly. Every sketch evokes an obvious feminine charm in effortless dressing. Think pastel overalls and jumpsuits in woven silks, layers of flowing fabric with peeks of lace over frayed t-shirts. I love the look of shorter, uneven hemlines, sexy but innocent eyelet, and novelty detailing that keeps reminding me of my thrift store shopping earlier this week. To finish things off I can’t get my mind off of the perfect boyfriend blazer, or “the” jacket…one that’s not too sweet and takes your look beyond “it.”


    Texture…ruffles…patterns…all of the elements keep coming together.




    Nikki Rich Is Inspired for Spring 2014…Rethinking What It Means To Be Bohemian

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    Everything has a process, and designing clothes is no different. Every designer has a process that helps them take their ideas and inspiration and turn them into something amazing, something beautiful, something unique and something thought provoking. For me, I definitely have a process. I like to think of myself as a Fashion MD…conducting surgery on fabric…deconstructing it and putting it back together, but making it even better in the process! When I’m looking at something, or an image of something that inspires me, the first thing I find my self doing is breaking the image down, pulling apart all of the elements of the inspiring ideas, and putting them back together to create a garment in such a way that I know will truly make a woman feel beautiful. When Richie and I created this partnership, to bring music and fashion together, we knew that the priority would always be to make women look and feel incredible.


    If you look again at the pictures I took while thrifting up and down the coast the other day you can see how I am starting to connect with elements that will undoubtedly influence the development of our Spring 2014 collection.


    Some of the pieces in some of the images I posted feel decidedly bohemian to me, and I love the look, but know that I don’t want to repeat things that have been done before. For this season, when I think “Bohemian,” I am thinking of and feeling elements of embroidery and crochet…jewels and mixed media and patchwork…the look of 90’s “grunge” inspired by all things bohemian. I want to take fabric and patterns that may be unconventional together and make them coveted.  Flannel printed chiffon, updated motor jackets with distressed leather, looks that are bold but mixed with soft, feminine layers.


    Color, Fabric, Design…all of the elements are coming together…





    Nikki Rich…Feeling Rejuvenated and Inspired!

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    We have so many incredible things going on at Nikki Rich and it was awesome to take a breath, relax and get ready for some big fun with the line. We are beyond excited about our upcoming adventures with ShopChannel Japan (August) and Von Maur, as well as beginning the planning stages for our next Spring collection.


    To ease back into things and get my creativity flowing again I spent the day Monday cruising up and down the coast, from Ventura to Ojai…thrifting. While we all love “nice and new,” (and I am no exception!) there is a super cool rush I get when I see something “new” in something “old.” My mother always said, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and if you could see the funky things I picked up (some vintage books, vinyl records, and a super cool old derby hat!) her words certainly ring true. I’ll also admit I have a minor obsession with old cookie jars. I have a rabbit cookie jar that was passed down to me from my family and it totally reminds me of when I was a kid…getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar!


    I loved my time poking around in old bookstores and vintage shops and quite honestly it would be difficult to say I find anything else as inspiring. So many ideas for Spring! Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can imagine what Spring could bring!


    Also, just a quick note of thanks for each and every one of you. I see you following our official twitter page (@nikkirichla), and I love watching our Facebook page “likes” and mailing list grown. We are in the process of updating our website and without giving away too much, promise you all some super sweet eye (and ear) candy in the near future.


    Richie and I are so grateful for your support #NikkiRich



    The Stars Are Aligned With The New York Times, Fashion & Style

    by  • June 10, 2013 • 2013 fashion trends for women, Editorial, Fashion, Latest fashion trends for women, Street Style


    You know nothing makes me happier than when Bill Cunningham, iconic fashion reporter and photographer for the New York Times Fashion & Style section, and I are on the same page. Well, he might not know it, but I do!


    Today, I was doing my morning rounds of all things fashion news when I came across his latest video montage called “Tails, You Win” on the site. To my excitement his piece this week featured many beautiful pieces of clothing, all found “On The Street,” that have some variation of a floating hemline.


    When we were working on designing our summer capsule I was in love with this look, and it was very important for me to work it into the collection. What resulted what our “Spirit” dress. Crafted from a very fluid cotton modal fabric this tank dress (sorry you can’t see the top of the style in these photographs) has what I think is the perfect floating hemline; super short and sexy in front, super long and sexy in the back. We’ve shown it here with our “Reflect” cotton modal knit top, which adds a little cover when you want it, but with a modern, sexy flair.


    So, here’s to you Bill Cunningham…the stars are aligned!