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    Spring Collection 2014, The Search For Inspiration Continues…

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    My search for spring continues! I keep thinking about all of the themes for the season and the concepts we created for our inspirations for the season including “Beach Girl,” “A New Hue,” “A Bit Bohemian,” and “Valley Doll.” Now that I have the ideas in my head it’s time to turn my attention toward design (my sketches) and fabric. The two truly go hand in hand.


    I may have mentioned it before, but I really do feel like a doctor of fashion. I love to do “surgery” by taking apart ideas, and swatches of fabric, and putting them back together to form something entirely new. I have spent a lot of time learning how to construct clothes so I can deconstruct and reinvent them. I love to keep and understand the importance of traditional silhouettes, but also respect my instinct to demolish the rules…I always say, you really do have to know them to break them.


    When I think about breaking the rules my mind starts to think about all of the great rebels in history…and punk music…two things that really do encompass my inspiration. It can rush over me like the feeling of freedom in some way…a sort of Nirvana.


    I am an avid follower of the news and sometimes it seems like the world has become overcome with tragedy and disaster and war. We all need to find the things that bring us peace in chaos. For me, designing, along with the infusion of music, is a way to remind myself that there is vast, overwhelming beauty in this world.


    Taking the feelings of sadness and finding beauty in the melancholy seems to be the method to my madness and with each collection I hope to show a more poetic side to my work. This collection will be very special for me…and for Nikki Rich…and I hope, ultimately, for you.



    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Present The Little Prince (in Polka Dots)!

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    The news on everyone’s lips today is of course, the newest member of the royal family. William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, presented their healthy, 8 lb. 6 oz. baby boy to the world today. While scrolling through my daily dose of morning fashion news I was unable to avoid how beautiful Kate looked in the light blue polka dot dress she was wearing for the introduction. Images were everywhere, juxtaposed with images of Princess Diana, holding Prince William after his birth, in a green and white polka dot dress. The cut was not quite as flattering as Kate’s, but the nod was noted.


    Always looking to spot new trends and find inspiration I was compelled to dig a little deeper into what could certainly become “the look” now that Kate has made her statement. A little digging led me to some beautiful runway looks and trend reports showing just how beautiful polka dots can be.


    Our hats are off to you William and Kate. Congratulations!


    …and now for a little eye candy!





    Nikki Rich Desires Neon! Neon! Spring 2013 Trends!

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    Sometimes I wake up and just want to bring it all back to basics….but I can’t.  No matter how hard I try, I always need to find at least one thing to make my look POP! I am always combing fashion magazines and my favorite online sites for the latest hair and makeup trends and today I found something that I L O V E! The UK Edition of Glamour magazine online has an amazing 42-page spread of spring makeup trends, and page 18, Neon! Neon! stopped me in my tracks. The image they provide is a beautiful blond lass with lovely light blue eyes, barely a stitch of makeup, and BRIGHT PINK LIPS! They look phenomenal and I need to find that lipstick! It made me think about a look we are currently showing in our online store that features a skirt we call “Desire.” Our model, dressed in the simplicity of a cream sleeveless top and the Desire, a long, black linen, wrap belted skirt, is already looking complete with gorgeous red lips, but now I would LOVE to see them finished in Neon Pink!