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    True Blood Actress Ashely Jones in Custom Nikki Rich for Dancing With The Stars Celebration

    by  • May 16, 2013 • Celebrity, Fashion, Press, Styling


    Considering we posted pictures of the ethereal Brooke Burke the other day, looking ravishing in our custom shimmer white linen maxi dress (for Genlux Magazine), it was fun to see another Dancing With The Stars / Nikki Rich connection.  Take a look at HBO’s True Blood actress Ashley Jones absolutely glowing in our very own sexy black, sleeveless, v-neck cocktail dress that she wore to the show’s 300th episode celebration last Tuesday evening. As you can see, the dress fit her like a beautiful glove and we think you will have to agree that she looked absolutely stunning!





    Ming-Na Wen in Custom Nikki Rich for Entertainment Weekly / ABC – TV

    by  • May 15, 2013 • Celebrity, Fashion, Press, Styling, Television


    Isn’t she lovely? We were excited to see beautiful actress Ming-Na Wen, of the hit ABC show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., look ravishing in custom Nikki Rich as she hit the red carpet for the Entertainment Weekly and ABC-TV Upfronts Party this afternoon in New York City. Crafted from a flattering jersey knit this little black dress shakes things up a bit with the addition of an asymmetrical draped sleeve. And don’t ever forget to notice the shoes! They are not ours, but what’s not to love about a black peep-toe?



    Nikki Rich “Street Style” Contest. Enter To WIN $50. Toward Any Item In Our Online Store!

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    There is a lot to be said about personal style. Each day you wake up, get your day moving, and reach into your closet to find something to wear. As we all know, it no easy task to get dressed in the morning, but the thing that makes it fun and keeps us all obsessed with fashion, is finding those pieces that speak to our own personal style and make us who we are. As always, I was browsing through the New York Times Fashion & Style section yesterday…Street Style…and came upon this fabulous slideshow dedicated to, of all things, Overalls! From the streets of New York to London to Nashville and San Francisco, Overalls are poised to make a comeback! I’m joking, but only a little, because no matter how passé you think something might be, there is always someone out there who can ROCK it!


    You know, more than anything, I would truly love to see YOUR street style. It made me wonder, who of you out there are brave enough to post pictures of yourself on our official Nikki Rich Clothing Facebook page?


    I know…let’s have a contest!


    Please, pretty, pretty please, go to our Nikki Rich Clothing Facebook page, “like” us if you haven’t already, post a picture of yourself in your favorite outfit, and tell us why you love it in the “comment” section. Then head over to our website and join our email list (I promise we will not share your personal information with anyone).  That’s it…so simple!


    We’ll run the contest through Sunday, May 19 at Midnight (eastern standard time), and the winner, who will be chosen somewhat at random (well, you’ve got to show off your Street Style too!), will win a $50 credit toward any item in our Nikki Rich Online Store!


    Ready, set, go!



    The Great Gatsby’s Influence on Fashion

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    The world is buzzing, loudly, about all things Gatsby. Unless you have been living in a cave you probably know that this Baz Luhrmann directed remake of the novel and Robert-Redford-starring film of the same name, is set to have a spectacular opening weekend at the box office. E! News is projecting The Great Gatsby to have a debut north of $40 million. We’ll have to wait and see what Leo’s star power can do these days!


    As with any epic movie spectacle, rich with music and fashion, the rest of the world can’t help but want to be a part of it too. Addicted to fashion bloggers lately, every day I am finding more and more fantastic articles written about the fashion of the Gatsby era and ways to infuse its sensibility into your current wardrobe. I especially liked this one from Refinery29.com From tennis whites to drop wasted dresses to graphic prints and deco jewelry, the Gatsby era brings with it an excitement and freshness that the world hasn’t seen in quite some time. From the feminine feathered embellishments to the shift dresses and t-strap shoes, it’s quite easy to embrace the trend.  Oh, and let’s not forget the FRINGE!


    While the influence for our spring collection is about 20 years past the Gatsby era, the look and feel of it is decidedly glamorous. During the time that the Gatsby’s were partying in the Hampton’s, the west coast was beginning to embrace what we now refer to as Old Hollywood glamour. When looking at all of these amazing Gatsby inspired fashions I keep thinking how our designs have just enough of that flavor to help you embrace your inner Gatsby as well.






    Nikki Rich, Street Style and Pinterest

    by  • May 9, 2013 • Fashion, Shopping, Street Style, Styling, Uncategorized

    My sales team wrapped up their last day at the Intermezzo trade show in New York City today. They let me know that the city is vibrant and alive with the smells and sights and sounds of spring. Nikki Rich had a fabulous show in this incredible city and, as always, the girls loved spending time with the world’s most incredible buyers for some of the best boutiques in the country.

    Speaking of the best boutiques in the country…we have been taking some time lately to stay in touch with them, outside of our fantastic trade show booths, to find out how our clothes are being translated to the consumers who actually walk into their stores to buy them.

    The other day we got super sweet emails from Victoria at Victoria’s Indigo Boutique in Houma, Louisiana and Karen from Twig & Willow in Long Beach, California. Both took the time to let us know how much they loved working with our team and sent pictures of some of our items currently stocked in their boutiques. As I wrote in the blog awhile back, I love street style, but I love it even more if pieces from Nikki Rich collections are involved. Seeing the images they sent inspired me to start a new “Street Style” board on Pinterest today. I included the images they sent and hope to get more pictures of real people in our clothing that I can add to it….soon! If you’ve got some Nikki Rich in your closet we would love to see you in it…and if you don’t, I hope you know you can find a lot of great styles for sale right now in our online store.

    If you’ve got pictures, please send them to Jamie@nikkirichclothing.com so we can add you to our Pinterest board. See you there!




    Brooke Burke wears Nikki Rich for Genlux Magazine

    by  • May 6, 2013 • Celebrity, Editorial, Fashion, Styling, Television, Uncategorized


    You know, there are just some women in this world who radiate beauty in every way. For me, Brooke Burke has always been one of those women. Not only is she stunning to the eye, but she has a solid career, a loving family, a demeanor that is always so soft and reserved, and she just has a certain grace about her that not many people have.


    Needless to say that It was such an honor to work with her last Friday on another fabulous shoot we did with Genlux Magazine. Our location was SUR restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills and the look was decidedly bohemian chic. It was easy to beat the heat while watching emerging stylist Amy Astar work her magic. Of all that she had to choose from, and there were some breathtaking pieces (not mention the jewelry), she instantly selected our full-length white linen dress you see below. I just love this piece and the fabric it was crafted from. I hope you can see that the linen has a hint of pearlescent shimmer in the fabric and it just made Brooke glow.


    As always, it was amazing to spend a beautiful day with our friends from Genlux! We can’t wait to see them again!



    Mayte Garcia in Nikki Rich for Genlux Magazine (Photo Shoot)

    by  • May 3, 2013 • Celebrity, Editorial, Fashion, Shopping, Styling, Television


    We happily spent the day yesterday in the hot California sun with super beautiful actress and animal activist Mayte Garcia (…she used to be married to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince) and our friends at Genlux Magazine. Creative Director extraordinaire Stephen Kamifuji asked me to stop by the photo shoot to work some Nikki Rich magic into the mix with uber-talented stylist Amy Mach and make-up artist Patrick Tumey. We pulled into the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills and were all at once impressed with this super cool location. The vibe was decidedly luxury, but at the same time completely cool and laid-back.


    While there were racks and racks of clothes and shoes for the shoot we got right to work slipping Mayte into a pair of our black, vegan leather shorts. Amy topped her off with a gorgeous striped Marc Jacobs top and black suede heels, and of course her hair and make-up were simply to-die-for!


    While we were there it was fun to meet Jessica Conseco, Mayte’s beautiful friend who also currently stars with her in the VH1 reality series “Hollywood Exes.”


    We are so glad to share another exciting day with you. I’ll let you know when the images go to print in Genlux. Better yet, I’ll share them with you here.



    Fun in the Hollywood Hills with Genlux Magazine Editor Amanda Eliasch

    by  • May 2, 2013 • Celebrity, Fashion, Music, Uncategorized


    Seriously, does the fun ever end? Last Saturday night I attended an amazing party given by Genlux Magazine fashion editor Amanda Eliasch. It was definitely a beautiful scene and Amanda’s Hollywood Hills home was overflowing with talent and beauty. Breathtaking views, delicious food, thought provoking conversations, incredible art, and most importantly a night of laughter with fantastic friends. You can read all about it in this British Weekly article that ran yesterday, and see pictures of me with Genlux Creative Director Stephen Kamifuji and British fashion designer Pam Hogg below.


    The evening featured a look at Pam’s designs and live performances by the talented Lisa Zane (Billy’s sister) and Charles Eliasch (Amanda’s son). They are both appearing (and singing) in Amanda’s recently completed movie, “The Gun, The Cake and The Butterfly.”


    The place was filled with talent and amazing sights to see…from the pretty faces, to the petals in the pool, to the pink piano…the fun never ends!



    Brandon London (Jersey Off, Suit On) visits Nikki Rich and Crome today

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    Honestly, there is nothing better than a man…a tall, handsome, athletic man…who understands and appreciates fashion. Today we had the absolute honor of meeting Canadian Football League wide receiver Brandon London. Currently playing for the Montreal Alouettes, Brandon is no stranger to Football having played with teams like the New York Giants, The Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and trust me, he is no stranger to fashion either.


    “Cultured Athlete Lifestyle” is a term Brandon has coined (don’t you just love it!), and he uses his website “Jersey Off, Suit On” (don’t you just love that too!) as a vehicle to showcase his taste and introduce new brands to other young men who have a keen sense of style and take the utmost pride in their appearance.


    We had a great time showing Brandon around our office and an even better time dressing him in Crome. He loved what he saw and thought the looks that we have been developing for the collection would be perfect for his audience. We even had a few samples that he was able to try on. I’ve attached a few pictures of us below and promise to share the footage from “Jersey Off, Suit On” with you as soon as it becomes available.


    Don’t you just love a man with style?